New Hospital

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Prince Edward Family Health Team, Quinte Health Care, and the South East Local Health Integration Network are working together to get approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care to build a new hospital in Prince Edward County.

The current building does not meet the standards required, and cannot realistically be updated without incurring costs nearly equal to building from scratch or without potentially compromising patient care. A small example of how the current building falls short is that hospitals are required to have a washroom in each patient room for infection control. Our hospital does not have washrooms in each room. Unfortunately, the hospital plumbing is running at full capacity, so adding washrooms is not possible.

The Ministry pays for 90% of building costs for hospitals. Because this funding is from taxation, the approval process is stringent and takes a very long time – usually 7-10 years – and it is usual for the Ministry to request additional information along the way.

The Foundation would be expected to raise the remaining 10% of the building costs, and all of the costs to equip the hospital.

To build a new hospital in Prince Edward County, the Foundation will need to raise an estimated $12.7 million dollars in addition to $3 million for new equipment for the hospital.

PECMH Redevelopment news

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