Fran Renoy hosts first Friends of Our Hospital gathering

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The PECMH Foundation would like to share information about on -going plans to build a new hospital in the County.

In that vein I have hosted the first party at my home last Sun.
There were 30 friends in attendance and the comment that I heard most often was that they (the guests) learned information about our hospital
that they were not aware of.

Penny Rolinski , I thought explained the info extremely well along with taking questions.

I think that it is very important that we keep the conversation going about our new hospital even though it may be a few years before a spade goes in the ground.

My feeling is that Foundation has come up with an excellent plan to share information with the PEC stakeholders.
I think that it will work as the Hospice coffee parties, etc. worked very well when we were attempting to inform residents about building a new Hospice.

Hopefully your publication will have space to print the photo and small text that I have written.

For more information contact Lillian Duffy at 613-476-9656.

Thank you
Fran Renoy