It’s Our Hospital – column 13

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By Monica Alyea

“Champions aren’t made in the gym …”


There was a period in my life where I watched a fair bit of boxing. Even I was magnetized by Cassius Clay in the ’70’s. Later he would change his name to Muhammad Ali. He was gifted in his craft, entertaining for sure, and always seemed to travel on an edge about what he would accomplish next. When I went looking for a quote to kick off this column about “Champions,” I did not expect to find one that worked for me authored by him.


“Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- A desire. A dream. A vision.”


This year marks the 14th annual running of The County Marathon on October 1. While the Marathon has gifted the PECM Hospital annually since it started, in 2015 it included a new event called “The Hospital Foundation Challenge”.  This year teams of 2 – 5 participants can divide up the Marathon route to get the buzz of the Marathon experience. And right now, if you are reading this, you should go register for the Relay event as rates go up August 1! ( One runner has to pull the longest leg of 11.3km with the shortest being 6 km. Family and Friends can pledge on line at the Marathon site with proceeds going to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.


Some of last year’s Team names were “inspirational:”


Run Now Wine Later

Kiss My Asphalt

Ahead by a Centimeter

Tragically Slow

Mayor Quaiff’s Quicksteppers

and my personal favourite – “ Scrambled Legs and Achin”


We have a wide array of champions for the hospital including individuals and organizations and we are so grateful for all of them.   Being one of the beneficiaries of this Boston Marathon qualifying run helps us reach yet another “public” served by our hospital. Last year the Hospital Foundation Challenge Event raised over $1,400. Got the desire? Got the dream? Got the vision? And ours is for a new hospital! You can help.


There are three (3) ways you can participate.


Get some friends together to make a team – and two (2) will do – but the race is longer of course!


If you’re not a runner, and don’t know a participating runner, you can still “pledge a runner.” Leave your name and amount with Briar Boyce at the Foundation Office at the PECM Hospital or call 613-476-1008 ext. 4425 and we’ll arrange to have your pledge matched to a runner.


Finally this event needs 100’s of volunteers to make it happen. There is a place for you behind the scenes or on the course. To register for that opportunity, check out or call 1-866-473-2786.


Got the desire. Got the dream. Got the vision.

Let’s get a new hospital for Prince Edward County!


I came across another saying:


“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”

Now that’s the people of this County and our special community hospital too!


If you have other ideas for fundraising or would like to discuss making a donation to the proposed new hospital or to current equipment needs, please contact Penny or Briar in the Foundation Office at (613) 476-1008 ext. 4503 or 4425 or visit