It’s Our Hospital – column 12

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It’s Our Hospital – as appearing in the County Weekly News – July 13, 2017


By Fran Donaldson, Vice-Chair, PECMH Foundation


Recently, I addressed the Annual General Meeting of Quinte Healthcare Corporation on behalf of the Hospital Foundation. It was a good opportunity to provide an update and overview of our activities.


My first point was about TRANSPARENCY. We realize that although support for our hospital is strong in the community, many people don’t really know who we are or what we do. As stewards of the money people give to the hospital, we must earn your trust, so we are trying to be more open and available. Last year we advertised for candidates to join our Board of Directors, and as a result we welcomed four new members with new talents, new ideas and new enthusiasm. As well, we have an updated website and we are making more use of social media to tell our story. Again this year we are publishing our annual report to the community in a dynamic colourful format, encouraging feedback and questions.


I also talked about the FUTURE. For years we had a dream that became a hope and is now a definite goal: WE NEED A NEW HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTY WITH AT LEAST THE SAME SERVICES. After a false start and a few years on a stretch of bumpy road, we now have a real plan and a close working relationship with our partners, particularly QHC, the LHIN and our municipal Council. We have completed the Stage One Master Program Proposal, including the required feasibility study. Thank you to the municipal government for financial help and to all those who contributed! The study, done by a firm of consultants who have worked on many successful hospital projects, focused on the community’s ability to contribute the required share of the capital costs for a new hospital. The findings were positive, especially with respect to community support – not a surprise, but a critical factor. The report emphasized the unusual amount of grassroots support, perhaps best exemplified by the PECMH Auxiliary’s pledge of a million dollars for the new hospital; half of that is already in the bank!


But the feasibility study – a looong and detailed document – also outlined the huge amount of work that will be needed, so that led to my third point: EFFORT. We will have to work not just harder but smarter to reach that goal. Our own Strategic Excellence Framework for 2016-2020 has focused on achieving organizational excellence and efficiencies. We have new by-laws and we’re monitoring changes in legislation; we’re developing a full suite of policies and procedures, designed to make many tasks simpler and quicker; we continue to improve data recording and reporting; our budgeting process is being fine-tuned; and training is ongoing.


All of this, of course, while continuing to support the hospital’s current needs and the Re-imagine campaign (ensuring County residents have access to MRI equipment). In other words, it’s business as usual, as we prepare for the time, probably several years down the road, when fund-raising will move into high gear. Meanwhile, we want everyone in the County to know that we who sit on the Foundation Board are their neighbours and friends, working hard on their behalf to ensure the healthcare needs of County residents are visitors are met.


We are committed to TRANSPARENCY, focused on our FUTURE, and determined to give it our best EFFORT, because WE NEED A NEW HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTY WITH AT LEAST THE SAME SERVICES.


For more information, please contact Penny or Briar in the Foundation Office at (613) 476-1008 ext. 4503 or 4425 or visit