It’s Our Hospital – column 19

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It’s Our Hospital
By Fran Donaldson, Vice-Chair of PECM Hospital Foundation
Last week, I attended the first-ever governance sharing session organized and hosted by Quinte Health Care. Senior members of QHC staff were there, along with were several members of the QHC Board of Directors and representatives from the Foundations and Auxiliaries of the four QHC hospitals. Executive Director Penny Rolinski, Secretary Donald Wakefield and I represented the PECMH Foundation, with President Pat Evans, Past President Liz Jones and Treasurer Carol Hughes of the Auxiliary. As we gathered, I felt it was a very energetic and convivial group.

Each Foundation was asked to make a 20-minute presentation, while the Auxiliaries were given10 minutes each. Of course, someone had to be last, and it was PECMH. I decided they’d saved us for the dessert – Sweet!

It was interesting to hear the similarities and differences each organization is facing, and I thought it was worth sharing PECM Hospital Foundation’s presentation a little more broadly.

• Our Goals/Plans for 2017/18:
With our own Strategic Planning session coming up next month, I had to guess a bit, but it was not hard. Our big goal is to achieve ministry approval of our proposal for a NEW HOSPITAL. An incredible amount of work has gone into the submission, which has been delivered, and there’s not much we can do but hope – and respond to any questions. Meanwhile we have begun the “quiet phase” of the campaign: research, planning and training. The last is important for everyone in the Foundation, because no-one has done it before and we have a lot to learn. We are also working toward greater transparency in the community, and to develop new friends through the “awareness events”, and of course we continue to raise funds for equipment in our existing hospital.
• Issues we are facing:
I mentioned the lingering skepticism and mistrust resulting from past bad experiences, which we are working very hard – and successfully – to repair. And like everyone else, we are concerned about the need for more volunteers and directors, and about the possible impact of next year’s provincial election on all aspects of health care.
• What we are proud of:
This one was easy: The continuing generous support of our many donors, partners and local media, the community response to the feasibility study, the completion of our new by-laws (a long and picky project!), the outstanding work and dedication of our staff, and the successful results of our process to hire our campaign manager.
• How we can support each other:
Everyone agreed we could benefit from better communication and sharing of information.
• What we would like everyone to know:
We want everyone to know who we (Foundation Directors) are, and what we do in the community. We want everyone to understand how committed we are to achieving our goal of a NEW HOSPITAL. And most importantly, we want to acknowledge the strong and supportive relationship we have with all our partners, including QHC, our local government, the many donors (private and businesses) who contribute so much, and our best friendly and generous neighbours in the PECMH Auxiliary.

For more information about the Foundation and upcoming events, or to learn how you can help, please contact Penny or Briar in the Foundation Office at (613) 476-1008 ext. 4503 or 4425 or visit