It’s Our Hospital – Column 3

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As appearing in the County Weekly News – Thursday, March 9, 2017

by Susan Law
Volunteer Manager of PECMH Auxiliary and Director of PECMH Foundation

Recently we received the good news that planning for a new hospital has been approved to move to the next stage of development. A great deal of time, energy and planning has brought us to this point. In the next few years the challenge will be to raise money and pledges for our new hospital while we also continue fundraising to provide up-to-date equipment in our current premises.

Our healthcare system has evolved a lot since I graduated as a nurse in 1962. Then, many people died who nowadays can live long and productive lives. Others have new joints and are able to enjoy their senior years more comfortably. Today there are fewer beds in hospitals because so many illnesses and medical problems are treated in specialized outpatient clinics, allowing us to recover in the familiar comfort of home – where most of us would rather be.

In the last few years you may have arrived on the 1st floor of our Hospital and thought how quiet things are and not like the way it used to be! However, upstairs on the 2nd floor along the corridor from the inpatient unit, the Endoscopy Department is a going concern.

This Day Hospital operates five days a week from early morning to mid-afternoon. Patients arrive from the County, as well as from Belleville, Trenton, Napanee, Bancroft and places in between. These folks are scheduled to have a colonscopy, a gastroscopy, or sometimes both procedures. These tests enable doctors to look into possible problems before they become very serious. If the doctors are worried that there may be a serious problem that requires more surgery, then the procedures are done in Belleville.

Volunteers from our PECM Hospital Auxiliary welcome patients when they arrive and are waiting to be seen by the nursing staff. The volunteers also perform many small tasks when asked by the nurses in the unit. We are pleased that a few more volunteers have joined this worthwhile program recently, enabling us to expand our help from three to four days a week.

The appreciative comments we receive from people coming to the department are very rewarding for staff and volunteers:
• “What a nice hospital this is! I have never been here before and it’s great.”
• “This hospital is so clean!”
• “I had this test done somewhere else but was not as well treated as here in Picton.”
And as well, everyone says thank you for the kind and considerate care they received – along with a snack and a warm blanket.

Do you ever wonder what we would do without volunteers? The County is a prime example of a place where a huge number of volunteers help in so many ways. Volunteers serve on boards, help in hospitals, schools, churches, nursing homes and service clubs, to name just a few examples. As well, neighbors help each other and many times are never recognized. Many residents would not be able to access treatments or tests without someone to drive them to appointments. Being unable to drive after an anesthetic, Endoscopy patients also need a driver after their test.

On behalf of the Foundation I would like to thank all of the residents of the County for all the years they have supported the Foundation and our hospital in so many ways.

For more information, contact the PECMH Foundation office at 613 476 1008 x4425 or