It’s Our Hospital – The Naked Truth!

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IT’S OUR HOSPITAL – The Naked Truth!

By John Walker, Director, PECM Hospital Foundation

Did you know that from 2011 to 2015 Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department averaged almost 18 000 visits per year? Hospitals like ours are the glue for the community. Not only do they strive to keep us healthy, they don’t judge; they get things done.

I am writing this article with tongue in cheek, not meaning to offend but to stir some thoughts about how unique The County is, how we all have different needs and opinions, have lots to contribute, from different pasts and experiences, and how we might all be able to come together in support of our new hospital. Our hospital is getting tired and we need a new one.

A lot of talk in The County these past few years about too much or not enough growth. What about the needs of locals? All these new-comers, and those revenue-generating tourists. Oh, and not forgetting how many counsellors we need, and the love-hate relationship with those exciting outside dining patios!

Well, in fact, check into Emergency at our local hospital and all these labels and differences just disappear. It’s fascinating: we become totally naked! We become all the same. Same color blood, and all with a common goal of seeking medical help, putting trust in our fine Hospital and its dedicated staff.

Do the staff care how many Facebook Friends you have, or care if your camel coat was bought on 5th Avenue or at Second Time Around? Do they care if your sprains and bruises were the results of ploughing your fields, or if you’re just a confused tourist in a fender bender while trying to navigate the hill top? Do they care if your upset stomach was a result of creative hipster food at the Drake, or fries from our famous chip trucks, or too much wine during a hen party vineyard tour? Do they care if you twisted your ankle ice skating at the Arena or as a naïve city girl navigating Big Bluff in “Melania” stilettoes? Do they care if you spend your days whining on County Live about traffic in the summer or cost of all this new craft beer, or if you’re an active volunteer in one of our vibrant community organizations? No, they don’t; but they care about you as a patient – as an individual – and have done so since our first County hospital opened in 1919.

Having our identity taken away can be intimidating, but think about it: This can be liberating! When you put on that hospital gown, your Lulu Lemon combo, Giant Tiger special, or 200-dollar hipster pants have no meaning. Just you and your health are all that count!

When you check into our Emergency the people there listen well; they are experienced, efficient, and empathic to your needs. We are so lucky in Canada. We can walk into any Hospital Emergency and ask for help. You won’t be asked for a credit card, or if you are a “local” or a new comer, or just a tourist. We are all the same, fine Canadians with universal health care and values to match.

The next years will see the role out of our exciting Hospital Fundraising campaign. As locals, new-comers, tourists, or summer stays let’s build from all of our experiences to become part of a whole to support our new hospital build. You might not want to get naked; either way, let’s do it!

For more information or to find out how you can help, please contact Penny at 476 1008 ext. 4503, or Briar at ext.4425, or Marthe at ext. 4502, or visit our website at