LOHA Farms delivers sweet treat to County Hospital

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A sweet treat for our County Hospital

This past March, LOHA Farms on Lucks Crossroad in Picton participated in the Maple in the County festivities by opening up their property and sugar bush for their second year to hundreds of patrons who enjoyed a pancake breakfast and/or their hobby farm animals. As part of the weekend, a collection was taken up for Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.

Hosts Chris and Jessie and their children, Leah, Oaklie and Hannah Armstrong (LOHA, get it?) and many marvelous volunteers collected $1,350 for our County Hospital.

Chris and Jessie presented the sweet reward on Tuesday morning to staff at the hospital. Jessie works as a registered nurse in our Emergency Department and felt it was important for her young family to give back to our County Hospital. The Armstrong family would like to thank our generous community members for visiting their farm and supporting their Maple in the County venture. LOHA Farms would also like to thank all their wonderful family members, friends and volunteers who helped execute a successful weekend with a special mention going to Al Ingram, PECMH Emergency Department Nurses, Cheryl Minaker, Nancey Lough and Susan Billard and X-Ray Technologist, Meghan Stevens for volunteering over the course of the weekend.

Pictured here on Tuesday, April 3 in the Emergency Department at PECMH from left are Susan Law, director on the PECMH Foundation Board, Briar Boyce, communications co-ordinator with the Foundation, Jessie Armstrong and Chris Armstrong, proprietors of LOHA Farms and Nancey Lough, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department.

Foundation Chairperson Monica Alyea thanked the community and Armstrong family for supporting Prince Edward County Memorial as a vibrant community hospital. “This gift means County residents and patients continue to have access to state-of-the-art medical equipment, close to home.”

Photo credit: Melanie Fida