Roaring support from the Wellington Lions Club to PECMHF

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PECMH Foundation representatives were roaring with delight on Friday morning when the Wellington District Lions Club presented $1,000 to the organization.

This contribution will be directed toward the PECMH Foundation’s current campaign to raise $289,724 for equipment needs within our County hospital. This year, the Foundation is focused on securing medical equipment for most of the departments at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital. Again, the Foundation is asking for public support.

Every year, we need to ensure that the Regional Endoscopy Centre at Prince Edward County Memorial has the scopes it needs. Also this year, we need a new stretcher for ultrasound procedures, a ventilator for the emergency department, a vital signs monitor for use when patients are transported to other hospitals, a monitor for pediatric and neonatal patients, and infusion pumps. Other devices slated for replacement include wheelchairs, stretchers for the endoscopy and emergency departments, and lifts used to move patients safely in and out of bed.

The Lions Club gift today will help bring this vital equipment into our hospital.

“The Wellington Lions support many community causes and our Hospital Foundation appreciates being included in their initiatives,” said Monica Alyea, chairperson of the PECMH Foundation. “The Foundation plays a critical role in providing funding for essential, specialized equipment. Your dollars go a long way towards improving care for residents in our community who need treatment, close to home. Thank you to those who continue to support our fundraising. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the care you and your family receive.”

Pictured from left: Wellington Lion John Whyte, Lion Kathy Marchen, Foundation Director Barbara McConnell, Foundation Vice Chair Fran Donaldson and Foundation Executive Director Penny Rolinski
Photo: Briar Boyce