Strong community support helps PECMHF raise $201,000 for equipment

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PICTON, April 6, 2017– The bigheartedness of the Prince Edward County community in donating $201,000 has brought several pieces of medical equipment to Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital and marks the successful end of the LIFE SAVER II Campaign.

The PECMH Foundation Board of Directors announced this feat at their March meeting to wrap up the fundraising efforts. The Board had set a goal of $201K last April for the LIFE SAVER II Campaign. These donations purchased replacement colonoscopes and gastroscopes and updated equipment for the Pharmacy Department to aid in dispensing medications to patients.

Foundation Chair Monica Alyea thanked the community for supporting Prince Edward County Memorial as a vibrant community hospital. “Your donations mean County residents and patients continue to have access to state-of-the-art medical equipment.”

The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary championed the campaign along with the Stark Family Fund and Irena Barker of Belleville (former Picton).

Supporting events included RE/MAX’s second annual Teeing Up Fore Health Care golf classic, the Sugar Shack Shindig at Walt’s Sugar Shack and the 9th annual Bake Off Challenge at the Picton Fair.

“I am thrilled with the commitment the County has shown,” said Penny Rolinski, executive director with the PECMH Foundation. “The government does not pay for medical equipment so this support is vital.”

Heartfelt thanks are given to over 1,100 individual donors, our monthly donors, service clubs and businesses that have supported this campaign.

While Phase II has come to a close, the Foundation is ready to embark on our PICTURE OF HEALTH campaign as medical staff at PECMH still need better access to equipment to enhance care for their patients.

PICTURE OF HEALTH focuses on securing medical equipment for most of the departments at PECMH at a cost of $230,000. Again, the Foundation is asking for public support to help us equip our hospital.

Efforts will centre on replacing one colonoscope and two gastroscopes for the Endoscopy Department as well as fundraising for a new picture archiving system. PECMH is a low risk endoscopic centre and replacement scopes are needed to keep this service efficient and of high quality. The Emergency Department requires a monitor upgrade to the telemetry (heart monitoring) unit and a defibrillator is needed for the inpatient unit.

Also, the Hospital Foundation is still fundraising for the Re-Imagine Campaign to refurbish the regional MRI. To-date $101,882 of our $170,000 goal has been raised to keep this vital diagnostic tool close to home. The MRI is being upgraded and expected to be back in service April 22. This campaign is a joint effort between the BGH Foundation, the TMH Foundation and the North Hastings Fund Development Committee. The total cost of the refurbishment is over $1M.

The County is already stepping forward to pledge support for the PICTURE OF HEALTH campaign. Activities supporting these equipment purchases will include the third annual Teeing Up Fore Health Care golf classic on June 13 and the Uncork Canada wine tasting June 17 at the Crystal Palace.

“The response from the community for the LIFE SAVER Campaign has been overwhelming and we expect this drive to be even more remarkable.” said Alyea. “The purpose of the Foundation is to improve the quality of patient care in our community by raising money for the priority equipment at our Hospital. The Foundation plays a critical role in providing funding for essential, specialized equipment. Your dollars go a long way towards improving care for residents in our community who need treatment, close to home. Thank you to those who continue to support our fundraising. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in the care you and your family receive.”

We are blessed living in this generous community which ensures we have a vibrant hospital armed with the best medical equipment possible.



PECMH 2016/17 Medical Capital Equipment List

PEC Endoscopy                   Colonoscope (1)                                                                                                  $27,154

PEC Endoscopy                   Gastroscopes (2)                                                                  $22,263                 $44,526

PEC Endoscopy                   Picture Archive     – Cancer Care Ont. Standard                                             $101,890

PEC Emergency                   Phillips Intellivue Monitor                                                                                  $41,558

PEC Inpatient                      HeartStart Defibrillator                                                                                      $14,265

Quinte Health Care             Remainder of MRI contribution                                                                      $68,118


TOTAL                                                                                            $297,511