Our hospital is the heart of healthcare in The County

In 2013 The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital was named top performing hospital in Ontario for overall acute inpatient care in community hospitals. The care provided by our healthcare workers is remarkable, particularly given our current facilities, and speaks to the amazing talent of the staff. The hospital treats over 40,000 people annually including over 20,000 emergency room visits.


The time has come for redevelopment

Our capital campaign has begun. It will be the single biggest public build in the history of The County. The first stage of the five-stage planning process set by the MOHLTC received approval in February 2018. Now the stage two plan is being prepared, outlining operational needs and space requirements for the building. In five years, we hope to be well on our way to building a new hospital.

What it will cost

The Ontario provincial government pays 90% of the estimated $80 million construction costs for the new hospital. The community must raise $16.5 million including $3 million for new equipment for the hospital.


Once built, our new hospital will continue a century of excellent care

It will be an incredible example of what small communities need in a local hospital:
• It will be the ‘right’ size hospital with projected 18 inpatient beds. As more and more care moves to     outpatient services, it is unnecessary and costly to build additional patient rooms. It’s not about being   bigger, it’s about being better – and more cost-efficient.
• Most inpatient rooms will be private and have their own washrooms. This enhances the hospital’s ability   to stop the spread of infections to protect patients.
• The emergency department will have more private, flexible spaces, and will continue to be staffed 24/7.
• Advanced diagnostic imaging and refreshed outpatient clinics for endoscopy and dialysis treatment will   keep local patients from having to drive to other areas for treatment.
• More parking spaces will provide better accessibility for residents with mobility issues.
• Skilled and dedicated health care professionals will continue to diagnose, stabilize and treat incoming   patients.
• And, a new hospital, with new services, will attract highly qualified doctors and other medical   professionals.


The Hospital Foundation’s role

Funding medical equipment for the hospital is the responsibility of the community. Since 1998, the Foundation has received almost $11 million in support of priority medical equipment and renovations for our hospital. Annually, the Foundation funds the purchase of over $400,000 in medical equipment. Now the Foundation is also responsible for raising the community’s share of $16.5 million for the new hospital, including an estimated $3 million for equipment to be moved into the new building. 


How will we raise the funds for the new hospital?

For decades, donors and donations have been at the core of the Foundation’s ability to help keep our County hospital one of the best rural hospitals in Ontario. Funds for the new hospital will come from everyone: individuals, businesses and community groups.

What will happen now?

Once finished, our new hospital will enhance and advance healthcare in The County. It will be the greatest change to our local healthcare system since the first hospital opened here in 1919. We have been waiting patiently for the redevelopment of our hospital. The time is here. The campaign for the new hospital has started. It is up to everyone to get involved.



Back the Build and make our new hospital a reality.

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