PECMH welcomes new portable X-Ray machine!

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PECMH welcomes new portable X-Ray machine
Foundation fundraising continues with $137,500 left to raise before March 31

PICTON, February 12, 2020 – Thanks to our donors, the latest addition to the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital has arrived!

As part of Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation’s continued effort to offer the very best standard of health care to the patients at PECMH, a new portable X-Ray machine has been acquired. Having this equipment will help ensure PECMH remains equipped with state-of-the art diagnostic tools in Prince Edward County.

A portable X-Ray machine is used to obtain diagnostic images within the hospital when the patient is unable to be transported to the X-Ray room. The machine can be moved to the emergency department, inpatient unit or any patient care area as needed. The diagnostic imaging staff at PECMH were trained on this new equipment in January 2020.

The upgraded equipment replaces a machine that was 14-years-old and had reached the end of its life. Before, once a Medical Radiation Technologist (X-Ray Tech) took an image, he or she had to take the imaging plate from the old portable machine back to the Radiology Department for processing…sort of like developing film from a camera.

The new portable X-Ray machine instantly displays the image, allowing the technologist to ensure an optimal, quality image prior to leaving the bedside, and providing physicians access to the information required to make decisions quickly.

In a trauma situation, the ER physician can view X-Ray images at the bedside…when minutes matter.

“When it comes to diagnosis, time can be a major factor,” said Tammy Robson, interim manager of Diagnostic Imaging at Quinte Health Care. “The new portable X-Ray machine provides improvements to the quality and safety of our diagnostic images through enhanced technology. High quality images are able to be captured using less radiation than the previous portable unit,” she said.

The Foundation embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise over $205,000 for the acquisition of this vital piece of equipment. Through the support of our amazing community during the holiday season, over $115,000 was raised toward the portable X-Ray machine.

“Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause. Having this machine is a state-of-the art upgrade to our critical services. Without donor support, this purchase would not have been possible. Your donated dollars are hard at work here at our County hospital, keeping local health care strong,” said Shannon Coull, Executive Director of the PECMH Foundation. “Having this upgraded machine exemplifies PECMHF’s ongoing commitment to advancing health care for our patients.”

When asked about how the portable X-Ray machine helps with the delivery of care, Dr. Cliff Rice replied, “It takes fantastic pictures!”

“Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our donors for helping us bring this essential piece of equipment to PECMH,” said Barbara McConnell, chairperson of the PECMH Foundation. “The overall effort from fundraising to implementing this new portable X-Ray machine shows what’s possible when a community comes together. We are very proud of our partnerships with individuals, service clubs and businesses throughout the County who support the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives year after year. We know the addition of this portable X-Ray to our hospital will serve our community for years to come and will move with us to the new hospital, once opened.”

As the need for priority equipment never stops, the Foundation is appealing to the public continue giving to help us raise $137,500 to support equipment purchases at PECMH including the balance owing on the X-Ray machine and the purchase of 17 IV Infusion Transport Pumps before March 31, 2020.

Donations can be made through the Foundation’s website at, over the phone by calling 613-476-1008 ext. 4425 or in person at the Foundation office inside the PECM Hospital at 403 Main St., Picton.

The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise money to advance health care for the people of Prince Edward County.


Portable X-Ray 1 – Pictured in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at PECMH with the new portable machine from left: Meghan Stevens, medical radiation technologist, Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation, Barbara McConnell, chairperson of the PECMH Foundation, Briar Boyce, senior development officer with the PECMH Foundation and Alex Bedard, medical radiation technologist.
Photo credit: Amy Weir

Portable X-Ray 2 – Pictured in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at PECMH with the new portable machine from left: Shannon Coull, executive director of the PECMH Foundation, Alex Bedard, medical radiation technologist and Dr. Cliff Rice, director on the PECMH Foundation Board.
Photo credit: Briar Boyce