What’s your legacy?

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It’s Our Hospital
Briar Boyce, Senior Development Officer, PECMH Foundation

Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world; a lasting legacy for future generations to see. Have you ever imagined what your legacy will be?

I can’t picture what that looks like for me, but hope it’s positive and benefits others.

One thing I am certain of is the importance of PECM Hospital and its impact on our community. It’s easy for me to say that as the PECMH Foundation is my employer, but as I wear several hats in my everyday life, I wear several hats in my role with the Foundation.

One of those hats is that of the donor.

When the time came for me to do my will, I felt a bequest to the PECMH Foundation was something I needed to include. We are so fortunate to have such a great hospital in Prince Edward County. I have never had occasion to have to use it, but we all know someone who has, and the people who work here have become part of my family.

A bequest is referred to, in philanthropic circles, as planned giving or leaving a legacy. The donor, in this case me, identifies a charity or cause as a beneficiary of their estate or portion of their estate upon death. The PECMH Foundation is written into my will and the gift will be fulfilled when my will is executed (a long time from now).

When making or updating your will, most people are surprised that once they’ve taken care of family, there is still room to support their favourite charities. No matter the size, a gift in your will to the PECMH Foundation is a lasting testament to the value you place on health care for everyone in our community.

As both a donor and a staff member, my job is to inspire giving.

I love this community. It’s my home. It’s easy for me to advocate to our stakeholders and entire region of long-time residents, seasonal residents and visitors alike that their donation ensures health care here is sustainable and accessible to future generations in Prince Edward County.

There are many forms of planned/legacy giving to explore including a gift through a charitable bequest, life insurance policy, RRSP, RRIF, a donation of publicly traded securities and more. We hope you will feel inspired to reach out to us to learn more about these giving options.

We work with donors who love our hospital and continue to give what they can comfortably afford. Gifts of all sizes do make a difference and a planned gift is the ultimate, final gift they can leave as their legacy.

I once read, “a planned giving donor wants to write a meaningful conclusion to their life story. Your job as a fundraiser is to help your donors write their philanthropic autobiography.”

How beautifully stated. Shannon and I aspire to do this when we build relationships with our donors. We welcome them into our Foundation family, accompany them on their donor journey and help them write their philanthropic autobiography.

It would be an honour to let us help you write yours!

For information about our hospital, or to make a donation call 613 476 1008 ext. 4502, or visit the Foundation’s website at www.pecmhf.ca

Making a planned gift involves preparation and planning. Planned gifts should always be part of your estate and/or financial planning process and be reviewed by a professional financial or legal advisor. They will help to ensure your gift fits your personal circumstances and that you maximize any tax advantages.